Sudbury Music Academy offers an online guitar course called Sean's Guitar Roadmap. It was created by SMA co-director, Sean Dayton, and is an effective online program that allows you to learn guitar at your own pace with step-by-step video lessons and worksheet downloads - all in the comfort of your own home!  

This course has over 100 videos (and PDF downloads) with an easy-to-follow curriculum that teaches you from the very beginning (how to hold your guitar) all the way to playing some of your favourite guitar riffs and songs. It also contains effective warmups, fingerpicking lessons, strumming patterns, and more.

All of the lessons have been bundled together for a discounted price of $50. However, friends of SMA (that's you!) can get it for $35 when you enter the promo code ’SMA'.

If you're ready to take your guitar playing to the next level, visit and get started today!  


 "I started playing guitar at the age of 15. I self taught with books I purchased and watching others play, as I never had the opportunity to attend classes. When I started this course, little did I know the vast learning experience it would provide me. The well organized course presents valuable basic lessons and builds on technique, theory, and songs, all in fun and engaging presentations. With a very busy retired lifestyle, I really appreciate the flexibility to study at my own pace, within my personal schedule. The actual classes are part of a roadmap of stages in which a student expands basic knowledge to more complex comprehension. I truly feel more confident in my singer/songwriter skills as I continually improve on my playing. Thanks Sean. I, for one, really am thankful." Rolande Lacombe from North Bay, Canada

"I have loved using this course! I have a music background but am a total beginner on the guitar. The lessons have been easy to follow and so helpful. I am learning chords with ease and I look forward to moving on to new, more complex lessons. This is truly a great way to learn this instrument!" Rachel Lockhart from Kitchener, Canada

"Hi Sean, when the opportunity to join the program occurred, it was an easy decision to make. Although I do not consider myself a total beginner, I found this course extremely helpful on many levels. I could catch up with theory, remind myself the chords, learn cool licks and songs which I would probably never try playing myself. From my point of view learning online is very convenient because of irregular working hours. The website itself is well organised, so I could easily jump on the subject I think needs practice at the time. Oh... and one more thing, once I joined the course I have decided to get myself an acoustic guitar (have an electric one already) which turned out to be a great decision hehehe. Thanks for being there for all of us guitar freaks."  Mariusz Lewandowski from West Yorkshire, UK